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Whether you are applying for Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or SSI benefits for a child, the decision process is filled with bureaucratic red tape. You need an experienced team of Social Security Disability attorneys to represent you.

As the largest federal program providing assistance to people with disabilities, the Social Security Disability Administration is overburdened by a growing number of disabled individuals and too little funding. The process is often complicated and slow, with the backlog of applications meaning many people wait months or years only to have their application denied.

Hiring an experienced Social Security Disability attorney gives you the best opportunity to make your way through the system. At Steinberg and Associates, you will be represented by an attorney or certified disability representative, at each phase of the process. We guide and counsel you as early as the initial application to ensure that it is complete and includes all the necessary supporting documents, including thorough medical records. If your application is denied, we represent you in all levels of administrative appeals, including:

  • Reconsideration
  • Hearing by an administrative law judge
  • Review by the Appeals Council

If your application is denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA) at all levels of administrative appeal, we are also available to take your case to the federal district court to ensure all appropriate procedural or legal steps were taken by the SSA in your case. We may even appeal your case to the Circuit Court of Appeals to establish a new legal principle or point out conflicting legal theories between the district courts. We have the experience and expertise to ensure you obtain the benefits you deserve.

Social Security Disability Explained:

Social Security only pays for what it considers to be total, not partial, disabilities. Under SSA rules, you are only totally disabled if:

  • You are not engaging in substantial gainful activity
  • You cannot do the work you did before
  • The SSA, in some situations, decides you cannot do other work because of your disability
  • Your disability is expected to last for at least one year or result in death

What qualifies as a disability is not always clear, making it important to consult with an experienced lawyer, even if you were originally denied benefits.

Eliminating the Barriers for You

Using more than 75 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys put their skills to work to help make your request for benefits a success. We know the law. We make sure your case is the strongest it can be so that the SSA will grant you the benefits you deserve. If you need help filing your application or your benefits have been denied and you need an experienced attorney who will fight for you, contact Steinberg and Associates online or call us at 1.800.875.8064 today for a free initial consultation.