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VA Compensation

Our staff understands that applying for benefits on your own can be a very frustrating process and we are here to help our clients navigate the system and appeal denials of service related benefits.  

You should consult an attorney once you have applied for disability benefits through the VA and you get a denial.  Call our office today for a free consultation and to discuss your case. You often do not need an attorney when you are first applying for VA benefits.  You should consult a lawyer if you have applied for disability benefits and received a denial letter and intend to file an appeal or you need a discharge upgrade to qualify for VA benefits.

When you serve your country and then become disabled, it is reasonable to believe you should be able to receive the disability benefits you were promised. Unfortunately, obtaining all of the veterans' disability benefits you deserve is a difficult and time-consuming process. If your application is long and overly complicated or any part of your request for benefits has been denied, do not let the system get you down — seek the help of an experienced attorney. 

For many veterans, your service-connected disability makes it difficult to leave the house. At Steinberg and Associates, we take this stress out of the process of seeking help with your veterans' disability claim. We are simply a phone call away.

At Steinberg and Associates, we work hard to ensure that your application for VA disability compensation or pension benefits is not lost by an overburdened system, waiting months or even years to be reviewed. As a law firm with attorneys who are also veterans and members of the National Organization for Veterans' Advocates (NOVA), we understand how important disability benefits are to you and your family. 

Even determining if you are eligible for veterans' disability benefits is extremely complicated. Our attorneys take care of the complex application process for you so you can focus on your life instead of paperwork and VA red tape. We help veterans apply for disability benefits by making sure your application forms are complete and that all of the important supporting material is attached, including all medical evidence, marriage and birth certificates and discharge papers. If your application is denied or your benefits are too low, we help you through each step of appeal.

VA disability compensation is a benefit available for those veterans who were discharged honorably and either suffered an injury or disease while on active duty or who have an injury or disease that was made worse by service. Certain veterans who were disabled as a result of VA healthcare may also be eligible for compensation.

You fought for us — now let us fight for you.

At Steinberg and Associates, we work tirelessly on your behalf when you need us most. Contact  Steinberg and Associates online or call us at 1.800.875.8064 today for a free initial consultation. Help is just a phone call away.