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Often times a claimant who is receiving Social Security disability or SSI benefits will be notified that their claim is being reviewed. After being reviewed it is determined that the claimant is no longer disabled. If the claimant appeals and requests

continuing benefits while the appeal is pending, and eventually receives a final decision that their disability has ended, this can result in a large overpayment to the claimant, which the claimant will be asked to repay.

The claimant can request waiver of overpayment recovery, but if that is denied, and later the claimant requalifies for Social Security disability, SSI or even retirement benefits, Social Security can reduce their check to recover the overpayment.

If the claimant files a petition for bankruptcy, the debt to Social Security can be discharged, provided the claimant meets all other requirements to be entitled to a general discharge in bankruptcy.

We can help you with filing a petition for bankruptcy associated with a Social Security overpayment decision, for a reasonable fee. You can also try to do this on your own using the forms on the Bankruptcy Court website at the following link  ( Bankruptcy Forms )