Social Security FAQs

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What are Social Security Disability insurance benefits?

What is Supplemental Security Income?

What is the date last insured?

What is a quarter of coverage?

What analysis does Social Security go through to determine if I am disabled?

How much money will I receive if I am approved?

How far back can I get paid if I win, and is there a waiting period from the time I became disabled until the time my benefits would start?

What are the financial requirements to qualify for supplemental security income?

I live with a relative and I am provided with free shelter. Will that affect my SSI benefits?

How much do attorneys charge to handle my question?

What is your policy regarding the cost of medical records?

If my doctor charges a fee for filling out a questionnaire, will you pay the cost or do I have to pay it?

My doctor will not fill out a questionnaire. Should I hire a private doctor, for a one time examination and review of my records, to complete an evaluation form?

Why is it important that my treating doctor complete an evaluation form?

I'm getting all these forms from Social Security. They keep sending the same forms and I don't think they're even reading them. Does it really matter what I put down on those forms?

I go to a county health clinic and I am seen by an ARNP. Will Social Security give the same weight to the opinion of ARNP as it gives to a medical doctor or us to pathic physician?

I am receiving counseling at the local mental health center. I see a licensed clinical social worker. Will Social Security give the same weight to the opinion of a licensed clinical social worker as it gives to a psychiatrist or psychologist?

Does Social Security consider the records and opinions of chiropractors, podiatrists, optometrist, and audiologists?

I am about to lose my home. Is there anything I can do to get my case expedited?

I have no money and I need to do something. Can I work part time and still qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

What if I want to test the waters to see if I'm able to work full-time? Is there a trial work period?

What do they mean by a "successful work attempt and unsuccessful work attempt"?

Can I get unemployment benefits and still qualify for Social Security?

Does Social Security hire people to follow me around and take pictures? I take pain medication and some days are better than others. I do not think it is fair to take a picture of me shortly after I took a pain pill and do not appear to be in pain, and then claim I am defrauding Social Security.

My neighbor is getting Social Security disability benefits and he is not half as disabled as I am, yet Social Security denied me benefits. Why does there appear to be such a disparity between people who are approved for benefits?

Will Social Security deny me benefits if I am an alcoholic or drug addict?

I am a convicted felon, and no one will hire me. Does Social Security take into consideration the hiring practices of employers?

What are auxiliary benefits? Who is entitled to them?

I am a widow. Can I qualify for disabled Widows benefits? What if I also qualify for disability insurance benefits on my own earnings?

I am 63 years old and in poor health. I want to apply for disability insurance benefits, but I heard it takes several years to go through the process. In the meantime, I need money. Should I apply for early retirement benefits?

I know this has nothing to do with Social Security disability, but explain to me how retirement benefits work. How does work affect retirement benefits?

Can I receive spouse benefits? How are spouse benefits calculated? What about survivor benefits?

Is there a website I can go to find out how much money I will receive when I retire or become disabled?

Can you explain SSI Deeming