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SSA Lawyers P.A.

If you work or worked for the Florida government you may be eligible for disability retirement benefits through the state. The Florida Retirement System covers two types of disability insurances. The first type called “in the line of duty” refers to being disabled due to your work as an employee of the state of Florida.  All other cases are considered “regular.” If you are permanently no longer able to work, allow us to help you with your State Disability claim. ​Now that life has become more difficult, allow an attorney at Michael Steinberg and Associates to help you with your claim. Our highly experienced attorneys have been through the process many times and will work for you until they have secured your best outcome. 

At Michael Steinberg and Associates, we work tirelessly on your behalf when you need us most. Contact Michael Steinberg and Associates online or call us at 1.800.875.8064 today for a free initial consultation. Help is just a phone call away.

State Disability